Tuesday, July 11, 2006

To Japanese University students or ALTs

I listened Mr.M's lecture in ETM3 class. I learned many things. So I tell you some importance based on Mr.M's lecture and my knowledge you will need to work at a Japanese junior high school.

1) Greeting
Japanese value polite attitude. So it is very important to greet steadily. Almost all of students greet visitors cheerfully in junior high school. If we don't greet students, they square up to us and they aren't hard to open theirself to us. When you will go to junior high school and see students, you should greet them with a smile at the first time.

2) Positive attitude
When most people introduse theirself in junior high school, they will say to students "Please speak to me!". However I think it's a negative attitude. You should speak to students. I think negative attitude relates to grasping the opportunity.

3) Responsibility
If you are practice teacher or you aren't hoom-room teacher, students think you are teacher. I think you are responsible for what you say and do as teacher and adult.

4) Smile
When I was junior high school students, my hoom-room tacher often didn't smile. I was afraid of him, because he seemed to be angry. On the other hand, my hoom-room teacher always smile at students when I was elementary school student. She was very popular with students, because I think smile soften student's anxieties. And "Laugh and graow fat." as the proverb goes.

5) Set the goal
Mr.M said to us that if we go to junior high school, we should set the goal with the view of students for three years. I think it is important for teacher to set the goal, because it develops that what we should do and we can make conscious classes.

Besides this you should not speak Japanese except explain difficult grammer and so on. And I think it is important for teacher to enjoy teaching!!!!! I hope you enjoy teaching in junior high school. Lastly, Mr.M, thank you so much for telling us.

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JH said...

Thank you for the practical advice!